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Kim Kardashian Says She'll Take Kanye West's Last Name

Over 1700000 active members from local and worldwide. Easy to search. Hope you will like it. cvbcvb October 29, 2013 at 9:42 pm | Report abuse | Reply MANDY Love sees no color. Dont you think black and white is a beautiful combinations?
Source: http://marquee.blogs.cnn.com/2013/10/29/while-kanye-talks-wedding-plans-kim-k-plans-to-take-his-name/

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West wedding: What can fans expect? (Video)

And when you're like, 'Is this really happening?' But you're just shaking... I honestly had no idea, none whatsoever. I knew we were going to San Francisco for my birthday, because he had a show there the next night. So I thought it was just a birthday dinner. "My eyes were closed and then I got up and still the whole time I didn't think it was a proposal.
Source: http://www.indianexpress.com/news/kim-kardashian-to-take-kanye-west-s-last-name-after-wedding/1189003/

Glee star Naya Rivera received an estimated 6 carat ring from rapper Big Sean . She debuted the princess cut diamond surrounded by smaller stones at an event earlier this month. Nashvilles Hayden Panettiere debuted her giant emerald cut diamond engagement ring - that she helped design! on Live With Kelly And Michael on October 9. Shes engaged to her longtime boyfriend, boxer Wladamir Klitschko.
Source: http://www.ajc.com/feed/entertainment/kim-kardashian-vs-ciara-vs-scarlett-johansson/fWPZF/

"I just wanna come out to the world, like, naked and be, like, [raising both middle fingers]'I look so hot. I'm back. You all called me a whale, Shamu, a cow...,'" Kim tells her sisters. "When I came back from the hospital, the first thing I did was go look at my [you-know-what] in the mirror," Kim continued. "It looks better-looking than before." Good to know. And apparently, the world might soon get the chance to see for itself.
Source: http://www.wetpaint.com/kim-kardashian/articles/2013-10-29-hugh-hefner-playboy-again-exciting

"I will," Kardashian told E! News at her 33rd birthday celebration at Tao in Las Vegas last weekend. "Kim Kardashian West, no hyphen. Make it [Kardashian] the middle." The reality star, who is mom to their nearly 5-month-old daughter North West , already had her fairy-tale wedding withHumphries and is readily giving up the reins of her next nuptials to her new fiance, a self-proclaimed creative genius.
Source: http://www.tidewaterreview.com/entertainment/la-et-mg-kim-kardashian-kanye-west-wedding-proposal-20131029,0,1548438.story

"It'll be Kim Kardashian West," the 33-year-old television told E! News at Tao in Las Vegas over the weekend. "Not hyphened. Maybe make [Kardashian], like, the middle," she added.
Source: http://www.upi.com/blog/2013/10/29/Kim-Kardashian-says-shell-take-Kanye-Wests-last-name/9171383090749/

We got our boat, and we got our ticket to the Met Ball," West said. The rapper compared Kim Kardashian, who has a sex-tape to her fame to the Harvard Law School graduate Michelle Kim Kardashian sex tape Obama saying the First Lady doesn't have guts to post a bikini-clad picture on Instagram like Kim! "And collectively, we're the most influential with clothing. No one is looking at what [ Barack Obama ] is wearing. Michelle Obama cannot Instagram a pic like what my girl Instagrammed the other day." The mother to baby North West faced online criticism when she posted a picture of her famous bum online on her Instagram account wearing nothing but a skimpy swim suit.
Source: http://au.ibtimes.com/articles/518186/20131030/kim-kardashian-kanye-west-michelle-obama.htm

Even though the engagement is brand new, there are a few things that fans can expect from the couple in regards to the wedding. Kim Kardashian has already said that the wedding planning will be left up to Kanye West. No one blames Kardashian, this is her third wedding. Because the E!
Source: http://www.examiner.com/article/kim-kardashian-and-kanye-west-wedding-what-can-fans-expect

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