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Dueling Hollywood bloggers Sharon Waxman and Nikki Finke could be in fight to a finish

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt hit Berlin for the premiere of Brad?s film ?World War Z.? He refused to stop for questions after the meeting and then called security when a reporter approached him to inquire about his visit. Rove said he was too ?busy? to talk and gestured for the NYPD officers who patrol City Hall to have the reporter removed.   Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images Tom Hanks, above at a ?Lucky Guy? curtain call, hints he may have more stage shows to come. ROOKIE?S ?LUCKY? BREAK Tom Hanks welled up on Monday as he was presented with a Theatre World Award for his performance as Daily News Pulitzer winner Mike McAlary in ?Lucky Guy.? He was one of 12 recipients of the prestigious prize, which recognizes a ?significant debut.? At 56 and with two Oscars, Hank makes an odd rookie. But when it comes to the stage, he said, ?it hints that there?s more to come. I really hope so.? Hanks is favored to win a Tony on Sunday.
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